Nacida en Montauban, en una familia humilde. According to Olympe de Gouges, A) women should enjoy special rights and privileges. Olympe de Gouges. Marie Gouze, más conocida como Olympe de Gouges, fue una escritora francesa, autora, el año 1791, de la Declaración de los Derechos de la Mujer y de la Ciudadana. Before she died, her Declaration had already inspired Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792). DTV, München 1992, ISBN 3 … Les Productions du Chat qui rêve. 71. Ai deputati dell’Assemblea nazionale, ma anche a mariti, padri, fratelli, amanti, si rivolse così affinché ricono scessero l’uguaglianza di diritti tra uomo e donna. ... T/F-Robespierre's enemies called him the incorruptible because they admired his methods of running the government so much. Olympe de Gouges at the guillotine (Credit: TL) Execution silenced de Gouges, but the “tocsin of reason” rang on unabated. In ensuing decades, the arguments of Olympe de Gouges influenced the rhetoric of women’s rights movements across Europe and North … Marie Gouze AKA Olympe de Gouges (Credit: La Croix) Born in 1748 — the bastard daughter of a butcher — Marie Gouze had even fewer rights than most French women of her class. During the French revolution,____ was executed for demanding equal rights for women. The case against Olympe de Gouges is worth reading in detail because it is typical of the attacks on those who criticized the authority of the central government that gathered force in the fall of 1793 and continued up to July 1794, when Robespierre fell from power. Car, à la suite du collage dans Paris d'une affiche signée Polyme, l'anagramme d'Olympe, conspuant Robespierre, l'artisan de la Terreur, en des termes inadmissibles pour l'« ami du peuple » - « Tu te dis l'unique auteur de la Révolution, Robespierre ! E) the government ought to sponsor free public day care. C) monarchy was the most oppressive form of government. ... Marquis De Lafayette. Kurtisane und Kämpferin für die Rechte der Frau. Relations presse pour le spectacle "Olympe de Gouges et Robespierre, une histoire de la Révolution française". Fu Olympe de Gouges (che in realtà si chiamava Marie Gouze, 1748-1793), ad aver l’ardire di rivolgere questa domanda all’universo maschile in piena Rivoluzione Francese. © 2016 Enigma Theme|Theme Developed By Weblizar ThemesWeblizar Themes Transaction Publ, 2006, ISBN 978-0-7658-0345-0 (bei Google Books: online in großen Teilen les- und durchsuchbar) Noack, Paul: Olympe de Gouges, 1748–1793. B) men and women should be equal in the eyes of the law. A Biography of Olympe de Gouges. Une histoire de la Révolution Française Toutes les infos : D) it was natural to exclude women from the political process. Se casó muy joven y quedó viuda en poco tiempo con un hijo a su cargo.