du hast etwas von einer fehlenden lib geschrieben… kannst du mir evtl. Mein Selena Server Bauen Sie sich doch Ihre eigene Cloud Ihr eigenes Rechenzentrum – so sicher wie in einem Bunker Vergessen Sie SaaS (Software as a Service) PaaS (Platform as Continue reading NextCloud Drive Logic. You need a license or approval from Gira to do this stuff in practice. You don't have to bend to the whim of limited NAS services – with a home server you can choose to use FTP, Dropbox, iCloud or all of them together to create your own personal cloud. the difference between hs3 and hs4 is mininininimimal. mein Homeserver läuft nur seit ein paar Wochen im regulären Betrieb problemlos in einer VM mit VMware Player. (PCFormat Issue 265) 16 June 2012, From storing to streaming, here's how useful a home box can be. @stef: download experte 4.0 or 4.1 from gira homepage Hintergrund -> Ich habe einen Originalen HS3 und damit verbundene Logikbausteine mit Lizenz. hwclock: select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out: Erfolg Rein die original Hardware zu clonen war ein klacks dagegen. Thanks, Is it possible to prevent the Homeserver to update the screen every 30seconds or so? If you need any of the products (which I found handy and using), contact me. Can somebody tell me if this: 01 HomeServer 4/FacilityServer – Software version 4.1.1, status December 2013 is de correct version of the Gira Expert Software? Yes . Wäre echt Super! You don’t need a hardware serial port, just make it virtually between the vas. Rated 4.0 from 2 votes and 1 comment. ”. Still reboots. Working like a charm. cd /sbin (or where ifconfig is located, test it with “which ifconfig”) under firmware you’ll find a HS2_hs3 and a HS4 directory where the firmware is located. The initial project which you normally load via a Serial cable is hold on these partitions, so if you copy that.. you skip the serial part. 2) Via homeserver app: it doesn’t accept my username and password (admin/admin). February 2020. RX bytes:0 (0.0 b) TX bytes:0 (0.0 b), loLink encap:Local Loopback I appreciate your help thanks alot. For Business. ich möchte für meinen in die Tage gekommenen HS II (der kleinen schwarze ohnen CD) einen WErsatz bzw. Use a virtual serial port emulator tool like com0com or VSPE. Erklärung » Das Rang System ist so aufgebaut, dass man Befehle die eine normale Person nicht darf, ein Builder … The Debian binary/source packages used to create the installation ISO image can be found here.The ISO images are signed with: Has somebody already tried to use the original GIRA usb2isdn Adapter with the virtual machine? nur muss ich nach jedem start Worked for me ;). Did somebody ever get this message: “Invalid url:’/hs/bin/hs_main’ given, exeiting” mkdosfs: /dev/sda2 contains a mounted file system. the link is listed there: http://www.roelbroersma.nl/index.php/forums/topic/vm-downloads-xenserver-virtualbox-vmware. Welche USB Schnittstelle hast du verwendet ? I would assume lower/slower/more stable? dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/dev/sdc2 bs=100M conv=notrunc Do you have another idea? 6. – It starts the hs_trans (Gira propriatary software) which automatically ends after a few seconds. There's an optical bay as well, which is hooked up via a spare SATA port. Die versuche schlagen immer fehl. If i check INITRD with Bbedit, i can find a lot of pointers towards python files in the /hs/bin dir. reicht die Geschindigkeit vom IGEL LX3210 vollig aus? @ChristianCR: Keep you all posted. The following is only needed for virtual machines since they do not have a serial port (ttyS1). NET NET NET : 000AB3020168 virtualbox only supports virtio, pc-netII/III (aka ne2k-pci) and some intel desktop and server cards. WARNING: Sourcefile /usr/src/linux- not exists, perhabs it is not complied as module!!!! You can simply convert the vmx to an ovf file (just google for that) and then you can use this image from Tux also in VirtualBox. Das funktioniert jedenfalls!!! also there are pdf instructions here in the forum, Hallo Homeserver Community, Has anybody get thrugh this? Habe es mit einer non Gira USB Schnittstelle erfolgreich getestet. brgds, do you have an KNX IP-Interface or an KNX IP-Router? Pinterest. Bring the density of containers into the datacenter to reduce resource usage with Windows Server 2016. Ergebnis? Problem to connect to KNX via USB – to be precise: USBBCU OK but communication doesn’t work (HS3 is working properly using the same connection – on vm centos), 1. Kann der Igel IGEL LX3210 auf einen 2GB CF Card ? (well you also need “rufus” and “eeprom.exe”). Dann kannst du es auf dem Alix einspielen, läuft dann dort also nicht virtuell. I even tried multiple firmware versions (v2.5, v2.8 and v4.1). das gw selber funktioniert auch ansonsten einwandfrei. This can be used to add an extra drive and has room for a legacy PATA drive with a converter card, which is a scenario we had to run. ich habe die Seriennummer wie in Post 1801 geändert. It is even easier if you simply use VMWare Player (Freeware). möchte jedoch ein Ausfallszenario, wenn dieser ausfallen sollte! To still get root access you need to create a non-privileged user and add them to the ssh and sudo groups. VMWare Image Homeserver4 Version 4.2 based on Image from Post 1605 Es gibt lediglich welche bei denen eine CF-Karte schon dabei ist und welche, wo keine dabei ist (zumindest werden bei ebay manchmal welche ohne verkauft) Rechner migrieren – ev. +++++++++++++ Bios Einstellung sollte stimmen. Only real hardware based implementations can be updated via experte. rz: Kein Prozess gefunden How do I build and install a custom Linux kernel on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux based system? I don’t know debian linux well. I have used the Image from post 1605. Which USB Interface ? Improve server density As traffic increases at an online business, admins want to launch additional VMs with faster boot times. Kann mir jemand ein aktuelles Board bzw. The problem is, that I can’t login into the hs. Es sollte funktionieren, probiert habe ich es allerdings nicht. Wir hosten unseren eigenen öffentlichen Server für euch! Release June 6, 2011. Transfering a Project is not working, because Experte get no connection to HS. Habe jetzt mehrmals probiert die dateien aus post 1811 und 1605 In rc.local bust be something like Unzip that file (it is a zip file with a .DAT extension). Zu 1844, bei mir läuft der QC auf dem Host (Win7 32Bit) und mit VMplayer der HS4 den ich auch auf 4.1 upgedatet habe. Build a personal FreeNAS file server for your home. Browse Servers … I have a MDT Ip interface, not the router version. Was passiert denn wenn du einen Notebook an die USB Schnittstelle hängst? With options running from single drive up to full quad-drive RAID models, they will even take care of the whole boring issue of backing up your machines. After reading this page for a long time I was asking myself if there is somebody who has the new version up and running? Der hat schon 1GHz CPU und kann bis 4GB Daten-Speicher, etc. With the cashback, the entire unit costs £160 and without doubt is something we can recommend. Diese hast Du dann mit einer alten externen USB Festplatte angeschlossen that’s how community works and how you received these VM images. I think thats it because I can’t put the project with serial from Experte Win7 virtualbox to debian virtualbox. ich dachte eher an einen dedizierte HW auf der nur der HS läuft nicht virtualissiert. Any ideas to solve this? Details & download » Our goal is a quiet, energy efficient home server that is always-on for network file and media storage. … UPDATE: Photos are back online! Post 1632 also explains how you get tthis image out of the Virtual Machine and can copy it locally to your PC/Server/ThinClient or whatever you are using. Kann ich dir leider nicht beantworten, ich würde aber auf JA tippen 2. Homeserver selbst für wenig Geld zusammenbauen? hallo frupps if you can’t find the info here, why not download the vm and search for the info with a ‘real’ system? just replace “/tmp/test” with “/usr/sbin/dmidecode”. Home. Dell. Build your own gateway; Gateway connection to TTN; List of commercial gateways; Single-channel gateways; … dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdc1 bs=100M conv=notrunc VMware workstation 10. würde gerne meine offizielle macadresse verwenden. While this isn't the quietest of systems, opting for good cooling over the sound of silence, it's certainly no boombox and will purr quietly in the corner. I use Kubernetes/Docker to deploy it all on one Ubuntu master machine with several Raspberry Pi. habe VMware Workstation 9 + Image von tux. Date Added June 6, 2011. QBittorrent. Username: admin Gira Expert v4.1.1 Have tried it a couple of times, but I’ll continue today a little more. It can speed up the internet while providing a great deal of privacy + security in a home build server. Why does is starts (and ends) the hs_trans program ? Look #1545 and check partitions…, Update: 3. And that number is growing every day. Further updates should work properly. @Sebbi: And why do you want to use Version 2.1? Building your own Homeserver 1) go to experte directory on windows machine. @Andy Wie halt der originale auch. Vern nftiges Bauen Nicht Griefen Keine Beleidigung Join server now! Is that true that only Giras USB-interface can work with HS4? Even a Siemens IP interface I bought in a shop =(, @Hannes: – po stworzeniu partycji ponownie uruchamiamy nasz komputer, 4) Uruchamiamy naszego Pendrive z freeDOS na naszym kloniku. Saved from tombuildsstuff.blogspot.com. Checked HS4 under project settings ? (download pdf from post #1082) In diesem kannst Du dann die IP ändern und die Änderung wird hier auch angenommen. Rechner (U800 atom) mit eigens installierter debian version 6.x HomeServer (*) V.: 2.8.120427 04.11.2013 21:43:11 Is this device made of gold ? Using remote access, these files can also be accessed via the internet. Kann man auch den IGEL LX4210 nehmen? Therefor you have to restart the homeserver when gira expert asks you for that because that is the only moment when the serial listener runs. Instead you install a clean linux image and then try to install the binaries hs_main, … and make them runnable with tricks. It only works when you have spoofed a valid MAC-Adress on the homeserver. Außerdem gibt es noch einen "Hogwarts"-bereich, auf dem … you don’t take the 1:1 diskimage (from firmware folder in experte). this page is very helpfull for me. 3. @ziegel, ich habe das gleiche Problem mit dem TKS-IP-Gateway. :-). Wir hosten unseren eigenen öffentlichen Server für euch! Google Ads. sda2 /root 5,1GB After some research I also found the following: Vertrieb & Konzeption von refurbished Enterprise Server & Storagelösungen im Business Umfeld - maßgeschneiderte, wiederaufgearbeitete Server & mehr. Powerful features backed by 24/7 support from the heart of Silicon Valley. Just to let you know… Gira and Gira HD apps at apple’s app store gone free!! is: What's wrong with a good old fashioned network-attached storage box of tricks (or NAS for short)? Did someone have similar problems and have solved them? Start : 04.11.2013 21:42:08 Hast du ne Ahnung wie ich ohne Weiteres das Teil auf den HS4.? Erstmaliges Bootsetup hab ich mittels einer ururalt IDE USB Disk erstellt, dessen HDD ich gegen die IDE-Flashdisk getauscht habe. Discover Homey. RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0 PVP Minecraft Server List. ——. Buy It Direct Ltd is a limited company registered in England. Should I install the whrandon? Man darf anscheint den Homeserver nicht einfach nur rebooten, sonder er muss aus sein wenn man mit dem Experten die Übertragung startet, schaltet man ihn dann ein läuft auch die Übertragung. ********** TimeServer INITIAL *************** Am einfachsten und wenigsten gefrickel ist aber der IGEL (habe ich so auch selbst am laufen). I got the VMware file working under VMWare player. How We Built a DIY Home Office Server Using FreeNAS. 5. – port IDE1 RX bytes:0 (0.0 b) TX bytes:0 (0.0 b), loLink encap:Local Loopback Server Status. echo “000ABBCCXXYY”, you can test it by editing the rc.local an running ./etc/rc.local Wunderharke1981: i would have a look at another solution: install esxi on the mac mini and then use the prebuilt image from 1604… this way, you can make snapshots any time and don´t risk to have problems after an update…. You decide how all your devices at home work together. On the forum, I found people stating two different baud rates (115200 in post #1249, and 38400 in another post ). Heim-Server mit ECC-RAM mit Celeron G3900, 8 GByte Arbeitsspeicher und 32-GByte-SSD Hardware-Kosten Basiskonfiguration 450 € Variante mit 4 × 4-TByte-Festplatten (1100 €) Let your creativity flow and create a home that feels like you. You can find new, Copyright 2000-2020 | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, http://www.gira.de/service/download/index.html?id=1815, http://www.freedos.org/download/download/fd11src.iso, http://www.roelbroersma.nl/index.php/forums/topic/vm-downloads-xenserver-virtualbox-vmware, http://www.amazon.de/dp/B00AHQUX86/ref=asc_df_B00AHQUX8617062218?smid=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&tag=geizhals1-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22494&creativeASIN=B00AHQUX86, http://www.roelbroersma.nl/media/download/hs-image.zip, http://www.roelbroersma.nl/index.php/forums/topic/hs3-tutorial-german, http://knxforum.se/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11155, How to use/format Native 4Kn drives in Synology or NAS, Viega Fonterra Smart Control with KNX (Homeserver Building Block), Set your Wallmount tablet to Day or Night mode (Dim and blank screen). #Partitionierung: unzip it. in den Einstellungen des Virtuellen Computers bei den Eigenschaften der Netzwerkkarte. The Gira license is based on the MAC address of the Network Adapter. ich habe 2 flash disken gekauft, suche z.B: nach “Transcend 128MB IDE Flash Module” gibts so um €7-€12 Even if the project is almost empty this happens…. Just saw a Bug in command: So forget about the command from post 1755 !!! Windows Home Server is a little bit paraniod . USB-LOG : SYSTEMID : 000ABXXXXXXXX +++++++++++++ 20GB INSTALATION DISC (THIN VMFS) 2TB DATA DISC (THIN VMFS) NFS shares: Movies. to download. Schau ins Forum, da ist alles erklärt und auch teilweise hochgeladen…, Kann vielleicht jemand ein Image für einen Igel 3210 Thin Client zum download bereitstellen ? I didnt test it in the virtual machine because I copied the Image out of the vm and did set it up directly in a PC. kann man beim WMWare Image die Macadresse ändern? rename firmeware.dat to firmware_dat.zip i had the same probs as you with the hs hogging all cpu. sh: 1: isdnctrl: not found Any suggestions? Let your creativity Flow Danke im Voraus für Eure Info! That's besides providing any network capabilities or streaming servers you might like to add. for the HyperV Image? unfortunately does not work. da ich absoluter linux noob bin…könnte mir bitte jemand sagen wo ich was eintragen muss damit ip,netmask,gateway und dns bei jedem start dauerhaft übernommen werden ? play.mytheusmc.net. danke. the legacy network adapter is an option in hyper-v (and maybe vmware, virtual box, etc) which emulates a popular DEC network adapter for which 99% of the (guest) operating have a built in driver. http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/03/intel-ardino-galileo-development-r-pi-education/. Community PHP Core PHP Magazin. Die versuche schlagen immer fehl. a network segment setting that needs attention. All MAC addresses/ranges of all Homeservers are hard-coded in the firmware. Shopping Cart. A server can also be upgraded, and offers full remote access both in terms of streaming services and a remote desktop. Current page: Does anyone have the steps necessary avaliable to change the serial. Selena Server . I can transfer project via network using XP machine (expert 4.0) Mainboard inkl. System Drive: min. OR buy a via epia mainboard / thin client and install HS 3.0 Does someone has a solution for this problem? read more on this page. Useful in what ways, you may ask. Thank you very much. Hat jemand die Gira Schulungsunterlagen für den HS Digital? Reading the forum I tried to change the vbox serial and mac equivalent via virtualboxmanager. I got some problem with updating the HS from 4.1 to 4.2. Hi zusammen, Der kommt dann in den bootloop rein. Most importantly, it has to serve and work as invisibly as possible while using as little energy as it can. When I check all the messages during boot, I don’t see any error messages. ISDN (Stat/Ok/Err) : OFFLINE / 0 / 0 1) Via browser: http://ip-address/hslist -> I enter debug, admin, admin into the form fields.

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